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Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Love One

heyy heyy!happy raya all.MaY Allah bless are you doing,peeps?how about your 'Raya'? poor to all the cows.hoho..thats all about the next is,i wanna to tell you how i feel right now after exam.i feel so happy yeeppy!~ i'm so excited to be fourteen.aha!~;~ what i'm going to do for holiday?i don't know..uhh..i hope i will do super something.hehe..stop rambling have any idea?Tell me tell me.ohh yaa..i have seen A.n.jell drama.~the best one ever.~ i fall in love with the cutest hero!
~Jang Geun Suk~

i love them..

p/s:i have changed the song.this song from A.N Jell drama.i really fall in love with this song

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